International Press Club-Miami News May 2012

European Union Hosts Discussion

and New Book on Immigration

Coral Gables, FL

The Hyatt Regency in Coral Gables was the setting for a European Union Center of Excellence immigration discussion and, Pilar Marrero‘s (author, columnist La Opinión from Los Angeles, CA,) release of her new book on the subject (El despertar del sueno americano (Waking Up from the American Dream) (Spanish Edition) [Paperback]).  Dr. Joaquín Roy, Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Miami, also hosted the event and discussion on the particular topics of immigration and it’s socioeconomic and political implications for the United States.

The relevance of the Hispanic /Latino population’s perception and voting reaction during the current presidential campaigns were, discussed in particular detail. Questions and commentary from attending media and the general audience reflected much concern that the current Democrat administration’s actions have been much more stern than the past  Republican one, at least  as far as deportations and legal actions against illegal immigrants go.

(left to right) Dr. Joaquín Roy, Jean Monnet Chair, University of Miami; Excel. Javier Pagalday Gastelrrutia, Consul General Adjunct of Spain, Pilar Marrero, author, columnist La Opinión from Los Angeles (CA), Leonardo Cesar Ferreira, Assistant Profesor of Journalism, University of Miami, Lic. Pedro A. González, Jr. President, FAHJ.

(left to right) Javier Pagalday Gastelrrutia, Consul General Adjunct of Spain, Pilar Marrero, author, columnist La Opinión from Los Angeles (CA), Leonardo Cesar Ferreira, Assistant Profesor of Journalism, University of Miami, Lic. Pedro A. González, Jr. President, FAHJ.

The point that the Hispanic/Latino national community would have to come to terms with it’s perceived preference of President Obama versus the actions of his administration was driven home by several of the panelists. It will be interesting to see the resolution this community will come too when they are at the voting booth.

(right to left) Tyson George, Liaison Officer, Consulate General of Canada, Ms. Cheryl Gaile Thompson, Deputy Consul General of Barbados, Mrs. Harriet Jordan-Terry and Mrs. Lolita Payne, Consulate General of Barbados and Mr. Joseph N. Hunte, Consul of Barbados.

Dr. Joaquín Roy, Jean Monnet Chair, University of Miami

Rebecca Friedman, Co director, European Union Center, FIU

Michele Pérez, European Union Center, FIU and Dina Molionkova European Union Center, UM.


More images courtesy of

Christine I. Caly-Sanchez

Associate Director


European Union Center of Excellence at:


El despertar del sueno americano (Waking Up from the American Dream) (Spanish Edition)




Please be advised…We have 6 guest spots left open for a media visit to the Miami Seaquarium to experience their new underwater attraction. Please let us know if you would like to attend! We must give them a date by Friday which we will share to coordinate the remaining spots based on publication relevance to the topic. .
There is no charge for this activity…

Su atencion por favor. El Maimi Seaquarium nos ha invitado a llevar 8 (quedan 6 puestos) personas a su nueva experiencia submarina. Necesitamos darles una fecha este Viernes asi, que coordinaremos los puestos restantes basados en la relevancia al topico de la visita.

Por favor avisar aqui si tiene Ud. interes en venir.
Esta actividad no tiene costo..

Para registrarse por favor enviar un correo electronico  a / To register for this please email:


Got Your Six

Los Angeles Times/Business Section:

“A coalition of major media companies, talent agencies and unions are teaming up with two dozen nonprofit organizations as part of a campaign to build awareness for veteran issues such as employment, health, housing and education.

The wide-reaching initiative — dubbed “Got Your Six,” which is military speak for “I’ve got your back” — will include a celebrity-filled public service campaign as well as greater effort by Hollywood to incorporate positive portrayals of veterans in movies and television shows, giving greater visibility to the challenges they face after returning from active duty.

Companies participating include Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal, Time Warner Inc.’s HBO and Warner Bros., News Corp.’s Fox, Sony, Walt Disney Co.’s ABC, as well as talent agencies Creative Artists Agency, United Talent and William Morris Endeavor. Also on board are the Directors Guild of America, SAG-AFTRA and the Writers Guild of America, West. “



Krypy Balze Artist, Friend & Patriot

 Continuing our series of events leading to the 4th of July convoy parade originally proposed by the Independent Chamber of Commerce of South Dade, the Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists and, IPC-Miami, we are planning another small get together at Barrio Artspace Workshop this coming Memorial Day Monday.  Though we are still i n the planning stages and, had considered creating a third group to handle our new involvement with this venue, we have decided to continue as we had with only the three original organizations that started this project.

Furthermore, we have reached an agreement with Barrio Artspace founder, philanthropist and community activist Jose Fernandez (JFI properties to organize two months of  Friday night events at the Jose Marti Park in little Havana.  Due to this new commitment to help promote little Havana , we will be also assume the artistic management of the Artspace Workshop. 

For the Memorial day event we will be featuring the theme we began with (When Johnny Comes Marching Home)  as well as the ideals behind the just premiered “Got your 6” effort mentioned earlier in this issue.

Among the featured artists for the evening,we will also be debuting a very special  Scott Welliver’s “Scrappy Chihuahua” video podcast. Scrappy  began as a an audio podcast based on a Mafia Wars (Zynga) “living” “tiny but mighty” chihuahua and his gang of loyal mafia dogs. The characters created by Scott and his company of actors has become quite popular and,  has also evolved out of the strict Mafia Wars setting  into a full fledged super heroe canine
League of Paws”. To get a glimpse of the funny and often touching adventures of the Scrappy Chihuahua and his friends, please take a look at their recently created FB fan page:

Though we would like to have some of our previously featured artists back (Such as Mercury Wolff, Marisbel Lavastida, Christian Bauman, Josh Lucy)  we are still working out some kinks in the planning. A full schedule and detailed event information will be posted as a special notice early next week. Resident Curator Frank Chinea and, Floyd “The Rock Artist” Heglichs are also expected to be represented.

Some of  the guests expected to attend will include cultural media , the Mexican,Dominican, Japanese, Chinese and Panamanian consulate and business missions. Representatives of Miami  Military Academy’s Alumni group, Florida International University, the University of Miami, Miami Dade College, and representatives both local and federal government among others.

For images of the last event at Barrio Artspace we suggest you visit:


CNN in Spanish introduced its new programming

From left to right: Isabel Bucaram (PR Manager for U.S. and VIP Planning CNNE Producer), Juan Carlos Lopez, Samuel Burke, Lucia Navarro, Maria Santana, Cynthia Hudson (Vice President and CEO of CNN in Spanish), Fernando del Rincon Eduardo Suarez (Vice President of Programming), Dr. Marisa Azaret, Adriana Hauser, Ismael Cala and Mercedes Soler.

CNN in Spanish organized an event that brought together its VIP clientele last night at the Hotel Gansevoort in New York City to present the achievements of last year and unveil its new programming. Cynthia Hudson, Vice President and CEO of CNN in Spanish, and Greg D’Alba, President of CNN News Networks & Digital Turner Ad Sales and Marketing, were accompanied by a talented group of CNN in Spanish that included Dr. Marisa Azaret, Ismael Cala, Fernando del Rincon, Juan Carlos Lopez, Lucia Navarro and Mercedes Soler.

Hudson welcomed the guests and highlighted the continuing evolution of CNN in Spanish: “We are pleased with the growth of the channel last year. We continue to invest in new talent and programming to ensure we provide our viewers with the more relevant and compelling news and information that is available in Spanish. “

Cukaj Katrina, Executive Vice President of Advertising Sales for CNN, thanked the present advertising agencies for the support they have given to the channel recognizing the importance of the Hispanic market. He also said that demand for CNN in Spanish is healthy and that the channel upfront 2012-2013 forecast more strengthened.

During the event, CNN in Spanish offered its customers a sample of the latest additions to its lineup including The Influential, Trending Topics, Latin America Review, Travel and Oppenheimer Presenta.

The Influentials: Here presenter Claudia Palacios explores the events that are changing the history of Latin America, the U.S. and the world through the personalities who lead them.

Trending Topics: Weekly program hosted by Rene Solorio, featuring videos words, phrases and topics of the week labeled social networks.

Latin America Review: A virtual discussion that analyzes the current problems and relevant to American society, featuring analysts and protagonists of the daily events of the nation. With questions from the audience made weekly on the World Panorama program, Latin American Review will provide a constant digital interaction through social networks and the official website of the channel http://www. to channel the views and concerns of citizens, and will be the centerpiece of which will be discussed each week.

Destinations: With Claudia Palacios, explore beyond the borders, some of the most interesting cities in the world along with the audience entering the lifestyle and culture of the best the world has to offer.

Oppenheimer Presents: A program of analysis of the main themes of the political, economic and social development by journalist Andres Oppenheimer. This program airs Sundays at 9pm (ET).

CNN in Spanish

CNN in Spanish, the first television network CNN 24 hours of independently produced in a language other than English, was launched on March 17, 1997. It offers continuous coverage of the most relevant news of the region and the world with context and analysis, and programming that delves into topics such as economics, finance, healthcare, technology and entertainment. Since its launch, CNN in Spanish has increased its subscriber base to 28 million households and hotel rooms in Latin America and 7 million households in America. In its 15 years, the network has set the standard for credible news, relevant and up to the minute, with programming that offers its audience a unique connection with the world around them, including all the news and now they need to be informed and make sound decisions to secure their future.


Global Water Security: The Intelligence Community Assessment

“Each day, nearly 4,000 people – mostly children under five – die from preventable diseases caused by contaminated water. Not surprisingly, women and girls are impacted most.In addition to the health impacts, water will affect our ability to protect the environment, achieve food-and-energy security, and respond to climate change.

Competition for water and that lack of access to basic water and sanitation services may become a source of conflict.”

Maria Otero
Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights
Woodrow Wilson Center
Washington, DC
May 9, 2012

Arms Control and International Security: Middle East Issues

05/09/2012 02:45 PM EDT

Middle East Issues

“The United States fully supports the goal of a Middle East free of all weapons of mass destruction. This support is unequivocal and I can assure you that my government is prepared to take practical measures that can move us toward this goal. A Middle East free of all weapons of mass destruction is an achievable goal, but a long-term goal. It will not occur overnight or without a concerted effort in the region and internationally to make it a reality. Just as our efforts to seek peace and security in a world without nuclear weapons will not be realized quickly, we understand that a WMD free zone in the Middle East can only be achieved once essential conditions are in place, most critically a comprehensive and durable peace and full compliance by all countries in the region with their nonproliferation obligations”

Thomas Countryman
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation
First Session of the Preparatory Committee, 2015 Review Conference of the States Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
Vienna, Austria
May 8, 2012

Collected Department Releases: Interview With Indira Lakshmanan of Bloomberg Radio

05/09/2012 09:00 AM EDT


Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Taj Palace Hotel
New Delhi, India
May 8, 2012

Interview With Indira Lakshmanan of Bloomberg Radio

QUESTION: I wanted to start out by asking you, last week in China you were involved in a roller coaster ride of backstage negotiations over a blind legal activist, Chen Guangcheng. Take us behind the scenes. Did your talks reach the highest levels of China’s government, and what leverage did you have to convince President Hu Jintao to let a dissident leave for the U.S.?SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, India, I’m not, at this point, going to be able to go into the details. Right now I’m focused on the here and now, which is, briefly stated, Mr. Chen remains in the hospital obtaining medical treatment, some of which was suggested as being necessary based on examinations that our doctors at the Embassy gave him. We remain in close contact with him. He is meeting with Chinese authorities in order to pursue the necessary steps to be able to leave to pursue his studies in the United States. And we’re also on our end expediting and making all the necessary preparations.

So my goal is to welcome him to the United States to pursue his studies. There’ll be plenty of time in the future for him and others to discuss how we got to the point where we are today.”


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