Margolis at City Hall

A new business speakers series has been inaugurated at famed City Hall Restaurant in downtown Miami. Where owner and long time area entrepreneur Steven Haas  agreed to host the Kotel Financial Speaker series created and produced by local high visibility promoter Tony Major.

Florida Senator Gwen Margolis (D)

On it’s first event of this sort, the restaurant, which is located at 2004 Biscayne blvd,just a couple of blocks from the venerable offices of the Miami Herald, The keynote speaker was State Senator Gwen Margolis who was brought to the podium by Hass after, he himself was introduced to the crowd by a representative of the Florida Association of Hispanic Journalist and the International Press Club-Miami.

Margolis took to the podium with her polished open style and touted Miami’s new and rising real estate development surge as a joint community effort. And, in a few cases, a demonstration of how there can there can be bi-partisan progress in the state congress when the initiative is clear and well led. A

Margolis specifically noted business tourism as one of the major cause for this rise and, declared that her and her colleagues are trying to further procure the necessary regulations and funds to insure all possible advantages are given to this opportunity.

Sven H. Haas and his lovely wife with Miami’s top promoter Tony Major

Worthy of special mention is that, among the world class  local notables present there was also Master Chu-Fei Tsai, one os the most spiritually  influential  (yet  almost invisible to the locals)  women of her time.. Master Tsai is the Head of the Heart of Humanity Foundation and a direct representative of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Leader of the Buddhist faith who, she has helped bring to Miami for the last two visits.

Tsai is planning a series of community oriented fundraisers  and events starting in November of this year and, continuing through to June culminating with the Third Visit of the Dalai Lama to Miami. to  a third for next year.. Master Tsai is not only an accomplished PhD and Chinese Physician who sits in multiple academic board worldwide but, she is also based in Miami’s Coconut Grove’s Zen Village.

She and Senator Margolis happen to be neighbors in Coconut Grove so, it is expect they will further cooperate in the effort to attract business and pleasure visitors to our area. Among the many students of Master Tsai around the world are quite a few heads of State, International bankers of the first order and any other number of potential further sources of visitors.

Rick Romash, Master Chufei Tsai and Kotel Managing Partner Eli Mualin

While the Q & A that followed Senator Margolis’s words at the podium was generally focused on the details of  the specific incentives being offered now to help businesses and individuals take advantage of this economic surge, the opening question requested confirmation on the fact the in Florida, ex felons and and certain other that have completed their sentences may still not vote.  This is a very volatile issue at this time since i.e. the ACLU is currently suing Governor Scott to relax what they (the ACLU) considers are “voter suppression” efforts guided by party orientation. And, the rights of offenders that have already paid their debt to society in prison but, are still not allowed to vote are also a big past of the disagreement.

Jobvelin Escalona nd friend Maria with Master Tsai and Mr. Mualin

Fortunately the Senator managed to command the room and her session at the podium returned very quickly to the topic for which most of the attendees had come to hear. Eli Mualin of Kotel Financial services and Wealth Management actively made private  introductions during the lunch period since, as a title sponsor  of the speaker series, they are on a mission to enhance the changes of all new businesses and,or investors coming in to the area.  As part of which, Kotel Financial is currently sponsoring a series of events  to  promote the concept of credit protection,  Kotel’s strategy to help enhance the area  is to  advise companies trying to make a home base in Miami on how to safely,  effectively and expediently  finance their penetration instead of having to lay out  the currently scarce hard currency and, avoid catastrophic compromising of principal investments.

The Speaker series will continue monthly at City Hall Restaurant. Any local persons or corporations interested in participating either as guest or, for consideration as speakers should contact Tony Major  though the Kotel front desk at: 305-712 2060 or you can find his Facebook page at: