Honduras National Party Uses Consulate to Promote It’s Candidate

The Civic Destruction of Honduras

Undoubtedly triggered by a complete misunderstanding of the most basic empathy with the Honduran population, the sitting government of Porfirio Lobo Sosa continues to indulge in acts of blatant abuse to the office they so dearly defend.Setting up a fundraising operation at a federally sanctioned Honduran consulate on America sovereign soil (Miami, Fl) for the express benefit of the incumbent government’s National Party and candidate Juan Orlando Hernández, would seem like something right out of a “B” Hollywood movie where the government status quo was something akin to Woddy Allen’s “Moon over Parador”and, just two steps removed from the “Bunga-Bunga Party” mentality of late. (Photo left: MIami’s Consular body poses for AP while breaking the law…)When the security of the citizens of Honduras is set second to the feverish compulsion to “herd in” as many votes you can, the purpose and ethical guidelines that may exist are thrown aside. Imagine then, honduras.6.12.APall Honduran citizens coming in for daily consular matters in a a city such as Miami (Fl) who are there for something as relatively mundane as the processing the Id documents required for let’s say …voting from outside Honduras, then being asked by a consular representative (at the front desk of said consulate) whether or not they would like to support the government’s party candidate?Even as the question is followed by the just as odd clarification that they ask only because they are selling tickets to the National Party’s candidate fundraiser (which by the way could only be paid there or at the door and, could only be paid in cash), what do you think is passing through the minds of the Honduran citizens so questioned?

Is is so far of the mark to think that a good many of these honest , God fearing people who are ever so aware of the rampant

Current Honduran President  Lobo-Sosa

Current Honduran President Lobo-Sosa

violence and alleged corruption in their country would feel pressured to at least appear to favor the suggested political preference or, perhaps even contribute in fear of some sort of retaliation?

The very lady who called this story in happens to be of a different political affiliation than the National Party and, though she has been a long time U.S. resident who is well accustomed to our way of life and how our laws and civil liberties work was very concerned with her privacy. She had the courage to give us the story, return to with a witness to back her up and take names but, she was still fearful enough of retaliations to her self or her family that she begged we did not reveal her name unless it was absolutely necessary.

When was the last time you personally felt that way in the course of any election or government related project in the U.S. of A.? The constant political chatter of republicans Vs Democrats Vs Tea Party Vs everybody else show you ,if sometimes nothing else, how little anyone fears voicing their opinions (factual or not, for better or worse) in this great country of ours. taking it to the point where the honor of it’s institutions are wantonly trampled on as if overrun by the money changers at the temples of law in Biblical times.
Honduras and its people have endured and survived times of great duress, But, can the spirit of the country survive if the people and their laws are made a mockery of? And, without the trust of the people, can the country survive such abuse without breaking?
While daily reports of crimes in Honduras reach unprecedented heights:

Honduras – Murder capital – SFGate New Violence Hits Honduras | Americas Quarterly
(http://www.sfgate.com/world/slideshow/Honduras-Murder-capital-46228.php )
Violence turns deadly in Honduras – Video on NBCNews.com
Honduras Violence – Huffington Post
World Report 2013: Honduras | Human Rights Watch

juan-orlando-hernandez-partido-nacional-de-honduras-national-party…Honduran officials and career politicians of the National party are gritting their teeth and making an all out effort to have the people focus on the elections rather than on the sad state of affair in which the country has lingered for most of the last administration. And, so sure are the consular workers in their positions than they even pose for the Associated Press at one of these Miami fundraising events.

This was also covered by the prominent Honduran whistleblower blog who had a parallel investigation unknown to us at the time of our research. Here you can find all names and positions of the Honduran consular officers and their Washington D.C. counterparts as discovered by their investigation.:
(English summary here) http://quotha.net/node/2514
It is just too Ironic that we refer to governments such as these as ” administrations” since , most don’t administer anything very well. Particularly not their own ambition, egotism or arrogance when it comes to placing themselves above the needs of the people they are supposed to serve.


Mauricio Villeda en un rally en su honor…

Mauricio Villeda, the lead opposition candidate for the Liberal party has embarked in a quest through Honduras in what seems like an effort to turn the tide of violence and distrust almost one Honduran at a time. Villeda continues to widen his lead among Honduran residing in the U.S. This segment of the voting population has a much more “Americanized” view of social justice and, is much better informed (and more confident in their freedom of expression) than those residing in Honduran soil

Villeda’s closest competitor Xiomara Castro continues to struggle to define her final position though there is no doubt that being the wife of the very controversial former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya removed by a “coup” in 2009 (Manuel Zelaya Arrested: Honduras President Detained By Soldiers) will at some point also bear weight on this already tattered process.

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