IPC-Miami Membership Registration

Please fill in this form if you are interested in membership to the IPC-Miami:

Fees for membersahip are as follow and include access to all IPC – Miami events, junkets, special alerts,  newsletter and free promotions/ads  in our service directory section (available online by June  2012)

1 Individual working press: $150 Year This can be cut by 50% if journalists arrange to cover select IPC Miami events

2-Corporate media:

Based on audience size:

Up to 10,000  $350/year

Up to 50,000 $500/year

Up to 100,000 $650/year 

Up to 500,000 $850/year 

Over  500,000 $1250/year 

Some barter or, in kind exchanges available at all levels


Payments are accepted through paypal by our Business Management company AMSWORLDWEB at this time all payments are being qualified as “donations” and are being put forward to a series of events we are holding to welcome our enlisted men and women returning from war. For further details please see: http://whenjohnnycomesmarchinghome.wordpress.com/

or to donate the  appropriate amount for your level  just click the button below…

Preview Image

or , please call Mr.Pedro A. González 786-286-3600

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